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Online Wireless Internet Application
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Residents of several preauthorized estates and complexes can sign up right away and proceed to book installation.

  • Step 1 Check whether your estate or complex is on the preauthorized list.

  • Step 2 Download application form in PDF or ZIP below.


  • Step 3 Complete and upload your application form.

  • Step 4 Once we receive your documents and have screened your application we will send you the link to book your installation.

  • Step 5 After you've completed your application, have a look at our online store for extra hardware and services on offer to compliment your internet access.

If you do not see your complex or address on the list, then please contact our offices to request a free survey.
Upload your application

Should you receive JavaScript errors which could be due to an outdated browser or Java on your PC; please feel free to email your documents to info@iwireless.co.za for manual assistance.
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