Open Access FNO

Looking for cross connect onto our physical fibre network?

Infinity does promote open, fair and carrier neutral IP transit access to our fibre optic network.

Internet Service Provider Applications

Any Internet Service Provider wishing to deliver services over Infinity’s Fibre Optic Network can send their cross connect request to who will initiate the process to onboard the Internet Service Provider.

Transit fabric can be carried by means of direct cross connect at Teraco, Isando

End Customer Applications

End customers wishing to have their specific Internet Service Provider deliver services over the Infinity Fibre Optic Network are encouraged to have their Internet Service Provider contact Infinity to initiate the onboarding process as the engagement is ultimately concluded between the Internet Service Provider and Infinity in line with acceptable industry norms.

Should an end customer wish to follow up if their desired Internet Service Provider has initiated a cross-connect request they are welcome to get in contact with