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Ready. Set. GO
Whatever your connectivity needs are, we've got you covered.

Why choose the Infinity Network
We can think of a terrabyte worth of reasons why you should let us connect you to the internet but here are some of our customer favorites.

Local Data Centres
100% Local

We maintain our very own private and secure dedicated Data Centre in Rustenburg.
Unlimited Data
100% Uncapped

Never worry about caps ever again. When we say uncapped, we mean UNCAPPED.
We peer directly with the continent’s largest IXP’s and several CDN’s running our own network built from scratch!
SMART Network
100% Intelligent

Our Intelligent Network monitors, recovers and regulates itself to ensure your internet is always on.
Ultra Performance
100% Performance

With symmetrical bandwidth in both directions, upload speeds are equal to 50% of your download speed.
Local Field Services
100% Mobile Teams

Field service technicians are based in every data centre which we operate and are happy to pay you a visit we cannot troubleshoot an issue remotely.
No Sub-Contracting
100% Self Sufficient

Nothing is outsourced to a 3rd party and everything is done inhouse! From building our own towers, trenching our own Fibre to making our own coffee.
Unshaped Connection
100% Unshaped

We do not limit any protocols, it’s your data so use it the way you want.
Gamer Friendly
100% Frag Proof

We prioritise gaming our network to ensure excellent ping times and low latency.
Priority Support
100% Supportive

Clients have direct access to the core network engineering team via our own client zone, live chat features and Telegram support channel.

What our customers have to say
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