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Ready. Set. GO
Whatever your connectivity needs are, we've got you covered.

Why choose the Infinity Network
We can think of a terrabyte worth of reasons why you should let us connect you to the internet but here are some of our customer favorites.

Local Data Centres
100% Local

We maintain our very own private and secure dedicated Data Centre in Rustenburg.
Unlimited Data
100% Uncapped

Never worry about caps ever again. When we say uncapped, we mean UNCAPPED.
Money Back Promise
100% Committed

Try our leading service and if you are not happy in the first 30 days we'll refund you and remove the connection.
SMART Network
100% Intelligent

Our Intelligent Network monitors, recovers and regulates itself to ensure your internet is always on.
Ultra Performance
100% Performance

With symmetrical bandwidth in both directions, upload speeds are equal to 50% of your download speed.
Local Field Services
100% Mobile Teams

Field service technicians are based in every data centre which we operate and are happy to pay you a visit we cannot troubleshoot an issue remotely.
No Sub-Contracting
100% Self Sufficient

Nothing is outsourced to a 3rd party and everything is done inhouse! From building our own towers, trenching our own Fibre to making our own coffee.
Unshaped Connection
100% Unshaped

We do not limit any protocols, it’s your data so use it the way you want.
Gamer Friendly
100% Frag Proof

We prioritise gaming our network to ensure excellent ping times and low latency.
Priority Support
100% Supportive

Clients have direct access to the core network engineering team via our own client zone, live chat features and Telegram support channel.

014 004 0118
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