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INTERNET without limits

Your dedicated local Wireless and Fibre Internet Provider
Uncapped Fixed Wireless Packages
All our packages are completely uncapped, unshaped without any rate limiting.
2 Mbps

R 450.00

Perfect for surfing the web, email and social media usage.

Up to 2Mbps d/l speed
Up to 1Mbps u/l speed
5 Mbps

R 690.00

Great starter for entry level streaming and downloads.

Up to 5Mbps d/l speed
Up to 3Mbps u/l speed
10 Mbps

R 999.00

Own the internet with our premium priority package.

Up to 10Mbps d/l speed
Up to 5Mbps u/l speed
* Pricing only applies to new deals and contract renewals loaded onto debit order.
Installation Fees
Flexible contract terms to suit your pocket

24 Month Contract
12 Month Contract
6 Month Contract
Installation Fee
R 999.00R 1,772.00R 2,950.00
*Installation includes: Wireless CPE Antenna, a Wi-Fi router, 10 meters additional length of Network cable if required and immediate activation.
**Take note:
  1. Public IP addresses are not included by default as the world has run out of IPv4 addresses, subsequently these do come at a cost should you desire to have your own dedicated public IP. See our online store for more information. If you don't know what this is, then there is an extremely high probability that you will never need one.
  2. The routers supplied with the installation has a Wi-Fi coverage range of roughly 30sq.m. Should you require additional Wi-Fi range within your premises, then please do see our online store for details on hardware which we endorse and supply.
How it works
We include all the required hardware with every installation

Infinity utilizes the latest Wi-Fi transit beaming technology to wirelessly connect clients across great distances without the need for existing infrastructure like ADSL, Fibre or Telephone Cables. We only deploy the latest hardware from the best wireless pioneers in the United States which enables us to deliver a new standard of Wireless that is truly on the very bleeding edge of wireless technology development.

We install a small 5Ghz fixed wireless station outside your premises which designates a data stream to your home directly from our base stations. A Wi-Fi wireless router is then installed inside the premises to provide a secure connection for all your computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and gaming devices.
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