What Does The Activation Include?

All activations include a Wireless CPE unit required to complete the Wireless connection on a WISP Network and a Wi-Fi Router. All equipment installed remains the property of Infinity with the exception of the Premium Wireless Packages.

Can I Get A Public IP?

Public IP addresses are not included by default as the world has run out of IPv4 addresses, subsequently, these do come at a cost should you desire to have your own dedicated public IP. If you don’t know what this is, then there is an extremely high probability that you will never need one.

What If I Move In My Contract Period?

All contracts are address specific owing to clear line of sight to one of our existing towers, if you relocate to another address we will conduct a site survey to determine if the new address does have clear line of sight to another tower in the area.

What does Contention ratio mean?

Contention ratio refers to how many users are sharing the data capacity on a provider’s line. To put it even simpler, it’s a count of how many households are using the same main broadband line as you.

If your contention ratio is 1:20, for instance, that means twenty households are using one line.

Standard contention ratios used to be around 1:20 for home broadband, and 1:5 for business broadband.

We maintain a conention ratio of 1:5 instead on our Lite packages that means only 5 households are using one line which is must more reasonable for better performance.

What Is The Range Of The Wi-Fi Router?

The routers supplied with the installation have a Wi-Fi coverage range of roughly 30sq.m. Should you require additional Wi-Fi range within your premises, please discuss this with us.

Will My Connection Be Shaped?

No, we do not shape any connection or protocols.

What Is The Difference Between The Premium And The Lite Packages?

The premium packages have no fair usage policy and a 1:1 contention ratio.

The lite packages have a fair usage policy.

Can I change between the Lite and the Premium Packages

Sure, just be sure to let us know you want to migrate before the next billing cycle.