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Fibre to the complex & estate
Get your complex or estate connected with Infinity Yellow Jacke₮™ Fibre in 8 weeks
Residential design

  • Deploy a state of the art fibre network in your complex or Estate at no cost to the body corporate.
  • Enhance your property value.
  • Readily attract buyers and tennants with superior Internet facilities.
Client focused

  • Reliable uncapped and unshaped fibre connectivity that is always on.
  • Fibre rollout planning is done with the Managing agencies and body corporates to install to their spesification with the least possible disruption.
  • Tenant and owner sign ups to join is completely voluntary.


  • Owners can individually consult with us on the most feasible, and least disruptive route into their unit.
  • We handle the design, installation, splicing and maintenance of the entire fibre network.
  • Broadband packages are attractive and kept in line with market related pricing.

We sell speed, not data.
All our packages are uncapped and unshaped allowing your owners/tenants to never worry about data caps again.

No more holding the line for support. After you’ve logged for support on our ticketing system we will contact you and arrange for a dedicated technician to be at your doorstep within 12 hours
All-in-one Provider

We do not outsource or subcontract any activities. Every step is executed by our experienced and highly efficient team to guarantee our quality service.

We’ve deployed hundreds of installations small to large-scale facility-wide wired and wireless solutions across South Africa.
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